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At Tapestry Fort Collins, our vision is to create sustainable, equitable homeownership opportunities that cater to both affordable housing and the “missing middle.”

We believe in bringing together people from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of life to create a truly diverse and inclusive mixed-income community.

Meet Sarah and Mark, a married couple and both dedicated school teachers, who have found their dream home in Tapestry. Their passion for education enriches the community as they foster learning and growth among their neighbors.

Then there’s Lisa, a proud single parent, and homeowner through Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity. She is the embodiment of strength and resilience, inspiring those around her with her determination and unwavering love for her family.

Finally, we have John and Margaret, an older couple who have gracefully aged within the community, offering wisdom, guidance, and a sense of belonging to their neighbors.

Together, these real people exemplify the vibrant and interconnected Tapestry community, where the threads of their lives come together to create a beautiful and harmonious living experience for all.

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Thanks to the generous land donation from the Odell family, along with significant contributions from Hartford Homes, and the partnership of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Tapestry Fort Collins will offer a range of housing options, including condominiums and affordable housing opportunities facilitated by Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity.

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We understand that a community is not just about the physical structures, but about the individuals who call it home.

Tapestry Fort Collins will be located on the Southeast corner of Buckingham and 3rd St., directly west of Colorado Iron and Metal and directly east of Buckingham neighborhood, part of Tres Colonias. The land, which has a rich history as a part of Fort Collins’ sugar beet industry, will be home to a mix of 20-plex multi-family buildings that will complement the building style within the existing neighborhood.

Approximately 20% of the homes will be reserved for Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity’s model where homeowners buy and build their own homes, and 90-year deed restrictions will help to ensure affordability for the next century. Additionally, Hartford Homes plans to offer one to three-bedroom options with a focus on primary residences.

The integration into the neighborhood will be a gentle transition with thoughtful landscaping, native plants, local art sculptures, and open green space. At Tapestry Fort Collins, you will find a community that celebrates the unique contributions and experiences of everyone.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of collaboration and community building. Together, we can create a Tapestry Fort Collins that represents the very best of Fort Collins, a place where sustainable homeownership meets inclusivity, and where the true spirit of community flourishes.

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At Tapestry Fort Collins, we believe that access to adequate housing is a fundamental right for every individual, including those who fall within the “missing middle” category.

Fort Collins, with its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and vibrant cultural scene, is an incredible place to live. However, we recognize the lack of housing options that cater to the varying needs of our community members.

The “missing middle” encompasses not only affordable housing but also the absence of mixed-income options that accommodate individuals from different backgrounds, ages, and life stages. From ambitious young professionals to growing families and seasoned retirees, we are committed to addressing this housing gap and creating a community that embraces the richness of our diverse population.

We refer to this as the “missing middle,” and it’s not just affordable housing. It’s the missing mixed-income housing options for people of varying backgrounds, ages, and life stages, from ambitious young professionals to growing families and seasoned retirees.