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Our Vision

At Tapestry Fort Collins, our vision is to create sustainable, equitable homeownership opportunities that cater to both affordable housing and the “missing middle.”

We believe in bringing together people from different backgrounds, ages, and stages of life to create a truly diverse and inclusive mixed-income community.

Our vibrant community is a tapestry of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all woven together in a shared vision.

Meet Sarah and Mark, a married couple and both dedicated school teachers, who have found their dream home in Tapestry. Their passion for education enriches the community as they foster learning and growth among their neighbors.

Then there’s Lisa, a proud single parent, and homeowner through Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity. She is the embodiment of strength and resilience, inspiring those around her with her determination and unwavering love for her family.

Finally, we have John and Margaret, an older couple who have gracefully aged within the community, offering wisdom, guidance, and a sense of belonging to their neighbors.

Together, these real people exemplify the vibrant and interconnected Tapestry community, where the threads of their lives come together to create a beautiful and harmonious living experience for all.

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Thanks to the generous land donation from the Odell family, along with significant contributions from Hartford Homes, and the partnership of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Tapestry Fort Collins will offer a range of housing options, including condominiums and affordable housing opportunities facilitated by Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity.

Our goal is to address the housing needs of the “missing middle” and provide a place where everyone can thrive.

Our journey began with a shared vision among Hartford Homes, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, and the Odell family. Through partnership and collaboration, we saw the potential of a piece of land that others overlooked. This collaboration will allow us to turn dormant soil into a thriving community, where every person is like a thread, woven together to create something beautiful.