Frequently Asked Questions

At Tapestry Fort Collins, we value transparency and open communication with our community. We understand that you may have questions about the project, and we want to provide you with all the information you need, when we have it. Below you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section which addresses common concerns and provides clear answers to ensure transparency throughout the journey of Tapestry Fort Collins.

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The Project Planning

How will the Tapestry Fort Collins project impact the existing neighborhood and community?

The Tapestry Fort Collins project is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing neighborhood and enhance the community fabric. Through thoughtful landscaping, native plants, and open green spaces, the project aims to create a harmonious transition and preserve the area’s natural beauty. The community will also benefit from increased opportunities for social interaction and a more diverse and inclusive living environment.

How will Tapestry Fort Collins integrate with the existing neighborhood and surrounding community?

Integration is a key aspect of the Tapestry Fort Collins project. Thoughtful design, landscaping, native plants, local art sculptures, and open green spaces will facilitate a gentle transition into the surrounding neighborhood. We aim to create a harmonious community that complements and enriches the existing fabric of Fort Collins.

How can I get involved or support the Tapestry Fort Collins project?

There are several ways to support the Tapestry Fort Collins project. You can spread the word by sharing information on social media and encouraging others to learn about and support the initiative. You can also engage with local leaders and council members to express your support for the project and its positive impact on the community. Additionally, filling out the support pledge on our website showcases your commitment to the vision of a vibrant and inclusive Tapestry Fort Collins community.

How is community input being incorporated into the planning and development of the Tapestry Fort Collins project?

The Tapestry Fort Collins project values community input and engagement. Regular meetings, workshops, and public forums have been conducted to gather feedback and address concerns. The project team is committed to transparency and actively involving the community in the decision-making process.

When will Tapestry Fort Collins be built and ready for move-in?

The timeline for the construction and availability of Tapestry Fort Collins is subject to various factors, including city approvals and the progress of the project plans. While we are committed to bringing this vibrant community to life as soon as possible, we encourage you to help spread the word about your support of the project and monitor the progress of the project on our website!


Will the Tapestry Fort Collins housing project offer housing options at only one price point?

No, Tapestry Fort Collins is designed to provide a range of housing options, including affordable housing, mixed-income housing, and housing for the “missing middle.” This ensures that individuals and families from different backgrounds and life stages can find a home that suits their needs.

What measures are in place to ensure the long-term affordability of the homes at Tapestry Fort Collins?

To ensure long-term affordability, approximately 20% of the homes in Tapestry Fort Collins will be reserved for Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity’s model where homeowners buy and build their own homes, and 90-year deed restrictions will help to ensure affordability for the next century.


What community amenities will be available in the Tapestry Fort Collins housing project?

The Tapestry Fort Collins project aims to create a community that offers a variety of amenities for residents to enjoy. This may include parks, walking trails, community gardens, recreational facilities, and gathering spaces. The specific amenities will be designed to enhance the overall quality of life and promote a sense of community within the development.

How will the Tapestry Fort Collins project address environmental sustainability?

Environmental sustainability is a key focus of the Tapestry Fort Collins project. The development plans incorporate green building practices, energy-efficient design elements, and the use of sustainable materials. The project may also incorporate renewable energy sources, water conservation measures, and green space preservation to minimize its environmental impact and promote a more sustainable way of living.

What efforts are being made to preserve and honor the history of the land?

The Tapestry Fort Collins project acknowledges and respects the rich history of the land. The development plans incorporate design elements that pay homage to the area’s heritage, while preserving significant landmarks or artifacts. The project aims to strike a balance between progress and preserving the historical character of the site.